Friday, 15 April 2011

Mui Ne is Mooi, Ne!

So I've come up with a cheesy title for this latest blog entry and the more astute of my readers will have noticed that the blog itself has a new title. I've changed the title from 'My Backpack in 'Nam' to 'Oliver's Backpack.'  This is because my plans are ever-changing and I will now be incorporating Laos and Cambodia into my trip on the way back south.

You may be wondering what's been keeping me from blogging these past couple of days. Allow me to show you:
Palm-fringed beach. Good morning, Vietnam!
That is what I wake up to every morning in Mui Ne. Okay, not quite, I wake up to this:
I took that photo. That's why it's skew.
But those are the same palm trees in both photos.

What has kept me from blogging was sheer laziness. I have been spent every day since my arrival in the aptly named Mui Ne (It sounds like Mooi, Ne) on the beach. Every day except today. Today I am proud to inform you I got on a motorbike again. And this time I stayed on it. (A little aside: It is my opinion that the towns and cities in this region were named by a horny Afrikaner. To get to Mooi, Ne you have to pass through Phan Thiet - pronounced Fun Tiet. Your journey sounds like this: Fun Tiet! Mooi, Ne?)
The Lonely Planet had informed me that there are some incredible sand dunes about 35km away, hugging a beautiful lake known as Lotus Lake. As a tourist it is my job to take in the sights, so I went off to find a motorbike to hire for the day. Within no time I was heading to the sand dunes.

The first sand dunes I got to are known as the red sand dunes. Strange name, I've heard it has something to do with their colour... I was bitterly disappointed with what was on show. The dunes were certainly a reddish hue, but they weren't as dramatic as described by the guide books. Unperturbed, I headed for the white sand dunes near Lotus Lake. The directions I had been given weren't exactly very specific, but somehow I found my way there.

Upon arrival at the white sand dunes and Lotus Lake a monkey saw it fit to attempt to bite my leg. Thankfully for me, yet sadly for it it was chained to a post and couldn't get close enough. Lotus Lake was pretty cool and  proved to be aptly named, as there were indeed lotus flowers in the lake. The sand dunes, however, were nothing special.
Lotus Lake
After an hour in the dunes and an hour in the shade of the trees in the above picture I headed back to Mui Ne for a much needed swim.

I arrived back in Mui Ne, returned the bike and charged to the sea for a dip. I plunged into the water and felt immediately refreshed. The water is incredibly warm and I would have stayed in for longer if the sun hadn't been threatening to roast my shoulders. So, being the sensible lad I am I headed out of the water for the shade of a nearby palm tree. It was then that whatever gods there may be decided to shit on my head from a lofty height. A bloody jelly fish stung me on the eyelid. I know exactly how to get rid of the sting, but how the hell was I supposed to piss on my face? I opted for the more sane option and gunned it back to my guest house and hit the shower.

My recovery has been made, so don't fret. My eye is completely operational and only a slight sting remains. No swelling just yet.

Don't let a jellyfish near your dong

P.S. This is what a fishing village looks like in Vietnam:
Boats, lots of boats.

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  1. I would have thought a sensible lad like you could work out that by laying down on your back you would be able to administer the medication....