Monday, 4 April 2011

Those Long-Awaited Pictures

Hey there,
As promised I've found a place to connect my camera and upload some photos for your enjoyment.
My first Vietnamese meal. A Bowl of Pho

At the War Remnants Museum

Ben Thahn Market. Knock-off watches

Titanic made an appearance at Ben Thahn

Shrine at the centre of one of many parks in HCMC

The sweetest coconut... in the world

Goldfish being sold from the back of a motorbike
The Local Lager - Saigon
The Saigon River, complete with boat of sand
A room in Reunification Palace, all-lacquer
A relaxed room in Reunification Palace
In the basement of Reunification Palace. The huge red button was just a reset button :(
A temple of some sorts
Sitting on a tiger
Bui Vien Street at about 21:00

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